Faculty of Science awards for two URRlab associates

Two Urrlab associates, Lucie Pospíšilová and Jiří-Jakub Zévl, won the Dean's award at the gala concert of the Faculty of Science. Congratulations!

Lucie Pospíšilová is an assistant professor at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development and a key member of the URRlab research team. Her research deals with the application of time-space concepts, spatial mobility and everyday life in urban studies, but also with wider topics on the edge between social geography, demography and sociology. Currently, her research topics include also the experience of the visually impaired with urban space. Lucie teaches several courses in Czech and English. In the past, she was evaluated as the best doctoral student of the department and completed an internship at the Dartmouth College, NH and studied at the University of Sheffield, UK. Recently, books in which she has participated as author or editor have won various awards - for example, the Czech Cartographic Society Prize of the Map of the Year for the bilingual Historical Atlas of the Population of the Czech Lands, and the Magnesia Litera Prize for the book Paneláks. Her latest achievement under the title Geography by 'the Edge': Everyday Spatiotemporal Experiences published by Karolinum Publishing in 2019 is still awaiting its prize.

Jiří-Jakub Zévl graduated from the master's program in Social geography and regional development. In 2016/17 he received the Prof Jaroslav Heyrovský's award for his bachelor thesis (Morphology of Settlements in Suburban Zone of Prague) for the best graduates of science programs at Charles University. He completed his master's degree with an average of 1.00 and excellent grades in state examinations and diploma work. Already during his studies he was involved in two research projects, and he also studied at the universities of Sorbonne and Sheffield. In his diploma thesis he focused on the innovative use of mobile operators data for delimiting the boundaries of the metropolitan area of ​​Prague which are changing in time. He developed the theoretical concept of a pulsating and cyclically changing time-space region. In addition to his studies, Jiří-Jakub is the organizer of the One World project at the Geographical Institute of the Faculty of Science and one of the founders of the Million Moments for Democracy association.